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customer testimonials

I am new to boating so had no experience of purchasing a boat. Nic's professionalism and thoroughness put my mind at ease from the beginning. He spent a day on board looking at every aspect of the boat, from the engines through to the paperwork. I am certain that there are no surprises coming my way now! Even the owner of the boat took Nic's card!.

G Smith , Guildford. Fairline Targa 34, September 2016


Thank you very much once again for conducting such a thorough survey of [boat name]. I've been through your report and although I'm new to boats and will need lots of assistance with practical implementation, the report is really clear even to a non-specialist and the categorisation of recommendations is a really useful guide to help me prioritise work.

Siân , London. 42' steel hull motor cruiser, March 2016


As a first time yacht buyer I was concerned to have an understandable and clear survey. Nic was recommended; he arrived early, worked later than expected and delivered a full clear report with clear recommendations with timeframes for completion. He was also happy to explain what he was looking for, show me the nature of the problem and outline remedial options. Furthermore, he managed to get into parts of the yacht that required extreme effort and contortion. To coin a worn phrase Nic, 'does what it says on the tin' and did it excellently with good grace and humour when the lift out was delayed.

C. Needham-Bennett , Rival 32 surveyed October 2015


Nic Fieldhouse prepared for me an exhaustive and comprehensive survey; which was presented in a timely and highly professional manner. The survey was easily understood and Nic answered my questions most patiently. I would thoroughly recommend Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys to any potential yacht buyer, there is no question in my mind that this was money wisely spent.

Edward Arnett, Sadler 32 surveyed January 2015


We showed the survey (report) to quite a few of our sailing fraternity & all of them were highly impressed with it so you never know you may be getting more business yet.

Ms L. Alston, Basingstoke


We read your survey thoroughly this morning. Superb! We read a couple provided by boat sellers in the two years we were boat-hunting and yours knocks spots off them for thoroughness and detail. Thank you. The diagram of valves you did is especially useful.

Name witheld, Isle of Mull, Scotland


I was a first time buyer and decided to accompany Nic on the day. He was professional throughout the process, carried out a very comprehensive survey and took time to answer my numerous questions. The report was detailed, clearly written and with relevant illustrations. It remains as a useful reference document for the vessel. I highly recommend his work.

V. Oliveira, London


I can thoroughly recommend Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys having recently asked Nic to carry out an insurance survey on my Sadler 29 based in Chichester Harbour. During the survey itself he was extremely thorough and very professional in his approach; he is obviously very well qualified and his expertise on some issues proved very helpful. The final printed version of the survey itself is very detailed and clearly laid out. I would certainly ask him to carry out a full pre-purchase survey if I was considering another boat

J. Scarterfield, Somerset


Nic Fieldhouse was both professional and helpful and spent the entire day carrying out a very detailed examination of the craft followed up by a comprehensive report written in plain English. It gave me the confidence to proceed with the purchase and I would have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending this firm to anyone.

P. Nottage, Oxfordshire



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