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New Build Motor Yacht









Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys can provide the following:

Yacht Specification

• In conjunction with the Naval Architect or Yacht Designer, FYS will provide advice to ensure that the specification of the yacht meets the Client's requirements.

Overseeing of the Construction Work

• By making inspections at all critical stages during the construction, FYS will provide for a satisfactory outcome in relation to quality, cost and completion programme.

• FYS will provide regular reports confirming progress, giving adequate notice for decisions that are required, and confirming that payment milestones have been achieved.

• Where there is a skipper appointed to the yacht, FYS will work in close conjunction with this person.


• Final out-of-water inspection of the completed work.

• Perform equipment tests to ensure that all equipment and systems are operating as intended.

• Perform sea trials. These will be pre-defined. They will adequately prove the performance of the vessel, her engines and reliability of all installations.

• FYS will then recommend to the Client that he/she accept the work and make their final payment.

• If required, FYS will liaise with the builder and the selected shipping company to ensure that the yacht is packaged, lifted, secured and transported safely to its final destination.

Telephone FYS to discuss your requirements:

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