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pre purchase and condition survey

This is by far the most common survey and will in most cases, be the most detailed and in depth survey where the Customer is often a first time buyer with little or no previous knowledge in this field and has total reliance on the Surveyor's expertise.

This survey is normally but not exclusively required by the Owner or prospective Owner of the craft for the purpose of obtaining insurance, finance or as security for a loan, or indeed just for the Owners use. Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys will discuss your requirements prior to agreeing to perform the survey in order to fully understand any concerns that the customer might have. Contact us to discuss your requirements or for free advice regarding your prospective purchase.

If you would like a sample copy of one of our pre-purchase survey reports, click here.

If we are asked to survey a sailing vessel and the craft is afloat, will will be happy to climb the mast to perform a thorough visual inspection of the mast and fittings. In order to do this safely, we ask that a competent individual is on-hand to hoist our surveyor up the mast. The mast inspection will be performed at no extra charge.

Listed below is a non-exhaustive list of the main items that are inspected during a pre-purchase survey:

Hull Exterior

Material & Details of Construction
General Appearance
Hull Below the Waterline
Evidence grounding damage
Evidence of past repairs
Fibre glass delamination
Hull distortion
Hammer testing of hull below the waterline or ultrasonic thickness testing on steel hulls
Moisture Readings
Rudder & Steering
Through-Hull Fittings, Valves and Seacocks
Bow Thruster

Hull Internal Structure

General Appearance
Internal Moulding (Egg Box)
Engine Beds
Keel Bolts / Studs

Deck and External Fittings

Hull / Deck Join
Deck Moulding, Cockpit
Chain Locker & Bulkhead
Deck Covering
Hatches, Ports, Windows and Ventilation
Deck Fittings and Equipment
Grab Rails, Guard Rails
Boarding Ladder, Davits, Radar Arch
Tender, Outboard Motor

Rigging and Sails

Mast, Boom, Whisker Pole, Spinnaker Pole, Kicking Strap
Shroud Chain Plates, Forestay & Backstay Chain Plates
Jib Furling Mechanism
Standing Rigging, Running Rigging
Winches, Jammers, Travelers, Cars
Sails & Canvas


Engine & Transmission
Fuel System
Stern Gear
Sail Drive Leg including diaphragm seal

Systems and Services

Anchor and Chain
Anchor Windlass
Fresh Water System
Grey Water System
LPG Installation
Electrical System
Navigation Lights
Navigation Equipment
Windvane Steering
Lightning Protection
Space Heating System

Safety Equipment

Anchor and Chain
Lifeline attachment points in cockpit
Bailing / Bilge Pumping
Detection Equipment
Fire Fighting Equipment
First Aid Kit
Man Overboard Recovery Equipment
Navigation Equipment
Propulsion (Alternatives)
Radio Communications
General Equipment



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Rigging Inspection of X-Yacht